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Missouri NEA recognizes the contributions educators make to the education of Missouri children. In addition to the Association's programs in legislative and political action, communications, teaching and learning, research and field services, MNEA members can count on a first-class array of benefits ranging from insurance and financial programs to cruises and travel! Get the details on all the following programs and more by logging in members only.

Group Insurance >>

  • Home and auto insurance
  • Health and disability insurance 
  • Life insurance
  • NEA's complimentary life insurance

Financial Services >>

  • Investing and saving your money
  • Credit Cards
  • Home Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Debt Counseling
  • ID Theft Service

Special Savings & Discounts >>

  • Save at local restaurants and fast food dining
  • Save on cell phones and wireless plans
  • Save on shopping at your favorite local stores and online
  • Save on classroom supplies, computers, books and magazines
  • Save on tires, auto care and home repair services
  • Save on condos, resorts and hotels
  • Save on rental cars, cruises and travel
  • Save on tickets to movies, theme parks, show, sports, museums and thousands of other recreational activities including golf, ski and snowboard rentals, and rafting

Want to save up to 50 percent on all your everyday purchases?

Log in MNEA Members Only, scroll down to the Savings & Discounts section and click on the Deals and Discounts button. Browse the discounts available in virtually EVERY neighborhood in America. Watch the video below to find out more about the discounts your receive with membership. Log in MNEA Members Only for more information >>

Find more discounts and services at NEA Member Benefits,, including the following: 

  • NEA Click & Save
  • NEA Auto Buying Program

Legal Services and Profession Protection with Membership >>

Protection FREE with Membership:

$4 million in Liability Protection: A $4 million liability policy is the cornerstone of Missouri NEA’s professional protection plan. This coverage is automatic with membership and protects members if a lawsuit is filed against them. You can download the policy information by logging into Members Only.

Unified Legal Services Program: MNEA takes action to defend members’ employment rights, including filing lawsuits for members when necessary.

Attorney Referral Program: When members need legal service in personal matters, this program provides two, free 30-minute consultation sessions each year with a participating attorney and a 30 percent reduction of the participating attorney’s normal fee for work in five ‘core” areas:

  1. Domestic relations
  2. Consumer protection
  3. Real estate
  4. Wills and estates
  5. Traffic violations

Education Grants and Loans

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Share your story

Even though we are not at school supporting Missouri students, members continue to help every day during this crisis. MNEA wants to share your stories as we struggle through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are hearing about members who are continuing to care for their students by

  • volunteering at school district Grab & Go meal distribution centers and food drives
  • providing child care for essential medical staff
  • shopping for the elderly so they don’t have to leave the safety of their homes

Your stories help show that educators don’t stop caring. Please send your stories with pictures to MNEA at, so we can share them. You can post to social media, making sure you tag @MissouriNEA and use the hashtags  #MNEAheroes and  #MNEAprotects.