VIDEO: You have a voice with your union. Join Missouri NEA

Don't just join an organization, get involved in a movement! Together, we can promote, advance and protect public education and advocate for the rights and interests of students and educators.

#MNEAunites   #MNEAinspires   #MNEAleads

By joining Missouri NEA, you receive:

  • $4 million Educators Employment Liability Insurance
  • Consultation with an MNEA UniServ Director when you need employment-related advice
  • An unmatched professional network through Internet, email lists, and local, state and national publications
  • Access to exclusive online shopping offers every day and on 300,000 discounts ranging from hotels (half price) to local dining, shopping, cell phones, rental cars, travel, recreation and everyday purchases
  • Smartphone application with 150,000 discounts just for MNEA members
  • Two free legal consultations and discounts on legal services for personal matters (not related to employment)
  • The satisfaction that through your membership you will help shape the future of public education and the children it serves

NEA/MNEA dues for first-time active members are $219 for certified staff and $139 for non-certified staff, plus local dues, if applicable.

Join Now Online or Print a membership form and mail to your MNEA Regional Office.


Posted Date: 7/29/2020
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